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DAS, or "Disease Activity Score" is a measure of the activity of rheumatoid arthritis. Based on the work of the Department of Rheumatology at the University Medical Centre at Nigmegen (Netherlands), a validated tool (formula) was developed to evaluate and track Rheumatoid Arthritis disease activity. By measuring the tender and swollen joint counts (TJC & SJC respectively), CRP (c-reactive protein) and General Health, the DAS 28-4 gives an estimate of disease activity, while the DAS 28-3 uses just the TJC, SJC & CRP. Clinicians, rheumatologists in training, educators and researchers use this tool everyday and now you can have it readily available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

New for version 1.13.2

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Free Formulas

  1. DAS28-CRP

  2. DAS28-CRP (3 Variable)

  3. DAS/DAS28 Converter

Pro Formulas

  1. DAS28

  2. DAS28 (3 Variable)

  3. DAS-CRP

  4. DAS-CRP (3 Variable)

  5. Original DAS

  6. Original DAS (3 Variable)

  7. SDAI

  8. CDAI

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